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The School of Law is directly under Vietnam National University, Hanoi (School of Law), which was established under the Decision No.85/TCCB of the Director of Vietnam National University, Hanoi on basis of reorganization of the School of Law, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, has its own legal status and the seal and personal account of a level 2- financial institution.

The School of Law has experienced many stages of historical transformation and originated from the Department of Legal Studies at Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 1976.

History and Development Milestones of the School of Law:

· In September, 1976: Department of Legal Studies at Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

· In July 1986: Department of Law directly under Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

· In September 1995: Department of Law, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - VNU.

· In March, 2000: School of Law, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

During the nearly 40 years of establishment and development, the School of Law has been known to be one of the three largest legal training centers in Vietnam with the function of training Bachelor of Law, Master of Law and Doctor of Law, dynamy, vision and development determination toward high quality and regional and international standards. The School of Law has established a reputation in the higher education system of Vietnam; To become a reliable partner of domestic and broad universities, research institutes.

Regarding the staff and officers: With the tradition of training and scientific research, the School of Law under Vietnam National University, Hanoi has gathered so many leading scientists, lecturers of the law field, whoc are dedicated with the development of School

At present, there are 120 cadres, officials and workers in the School of Law. The number of officials, employees and workers with masters degree or higher are 93, accounting for 78%. School of Law is one of the three law training institutions with the highest number and the proportion of lecturers with the highest professors, associate professors and doctors, doctor of science in Vietnam. At present, the School has 59 cadres with doctoral degree or higher, including 02 professors, doctors of science, 06 professor – doctors, 16 associate professors, 20 cadres who are provided with law doctor training at domestic and abroad institutions.

In addition, the School of Law has always received enthusiastic support and close cooperation in teaching and research of nearly 200 teachers, scientists and practitioners with the title of doctors and associate professors from domestic and foreign educational institutions, research institutes, legislative, executive and judiciary agencies.

At present, the School of Law is a focal point for exchanging and gathering scientific officers to carry out interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training, research and development tasks closely linking scientific research with training and application of law in socio-economic practice.

Regarding training: The School of Law has been the first law training provider in Vietnam since 1945. Since becoming a training unit directly under Vietnam National University, Hanoi, the School of Law has developed and standardized the existing training programs, opened some new training fields for undergraduate, master and doctoral programs. High quality training programs, cooperation programs with foreign countries are paid special attention and focus. In 2014, the School had the major master plan by 2020, which was approved by Vietnam National University, Hanoi. According to this plan, by 2020, the School of Law/ Department of Law will open and organize three bachelor degree programs, 12 master's degree programs and 9 doctorate programs

At present, with a large and well-qualified scientific staff, School of Law has been training and cooperating on all types of training systems; carried out national key research projects and international research and training projects. The School of Law is always at the forefront in: compiling textbooks, monographs, regularly updating scientific information for students and learners; Producing students with stably political knowledge, deep understanding of reasoning, and high practical skills. By 2014, the School has trained nearly 10,000 bachelor of law, more than 2000 masters of law, 100 doctors of law.

In the current period, on average every year, the School of Law enrolls:

· 300 full-time undergraduate students have enrolled in the programs of bachelor's degree in law, bachelor's degree in business law.

· 100 full-time undergraduate students studying the linked training program with the University of Foreign Languages ​​and the University of Economics and Business – VNU (dual-degree).

· 200 part-time learning and in-service trainees in law.

· 140 students in law as the second degree

· 300 post-graduate students enrolling in 8 majors: Theory and the History of State and Law; Substantive Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure; Civil Code and Civil Procedure; Economic law; International Law, Administrative Law - Constitution, Law on Human Rights, Law on International Economic Cooperation and International Business.

· 40 postgraduate students studying Human Rights Law. The cost of the course is sponsored by the Center for Human Rights under the Faculty of Law of the University of Oslo-Norway. The teaching languages are English and Vietnamese and the master's degree is granted by Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

· 20 postgraduate students studying in the field of international cooperation law linked with universities in the Republic of France. The teaching language isFrench and the master's degree is granted by French universities.

· 25 students enrolling in 4 majors: Theory and History of State and Law; Substantive Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure; Economic law; International law.

Regarding the scientific research: The School of Law has been asserting its position in the country as well as abroad in the field of scientific and technological research. The School’s research-science-oriented activities are closely linked to the training, directly serving the management and improvement of the School's training quality; combining basic research and applied research, researching issues related to realities and policies for national development. In the process of development, the School of Law has made many achievements in scientific research, many high-quality scientific contributions to the Party and the State, providing practical service of the nation’s legal reform through the period different; Launching, organizing scientific research movements in a wide range of lecturers and students with high quantity and quality

The School’s lecturer has presided over the research and successfully defended 10 themes and projects at the State level, 04 topics at Hanoi city- level; 80 research topics at Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 70 topics at the department level; published 32 textbooks, over 40 reference books, monographs and thousands of high-quality articles in local law journals and dozens of articles published in prestigious journals abroad. The School’s lecturers and officers have been recently implementing 03 State-level projects, 03 key topics (group A) of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 10 basic research topics at the level of the Ministry and Vietnam National University, Hanoi; 12 Faculty (school)-level topics. In addition, the School has many leading scientists who joined the constitutional amendment committee in 1992 and are involved in the amendment and supplement of major laws of the country such as the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Law, Civil Code, etc.

Regarding international cooperation: The School of Law has had close and reliable cooperation with many foreign training and research institutions, which is good opportunity and condition for the School’s officers and students to make scientific exchange and to provide trainings to the officers and students. At present, the School of Law has implemented many international programs and projects, namely:

· The project of training cooperation with the French-speaking Community (the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie- AUF) in the Master's Program in International Cooperation Law (the French partners are: University of Toulouse, University of Lyon III , University of Bordeaux IV);

· Doctoral degree in Law within the framework of the French University Center project in Hanoi (the French partners are: University of Toulouse, University of Lyon III, University of Bordeaux IV);

· Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Vietnam- Japan joint law bachelor training project receives funding support from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

· The Human Rights Research Project under Component 3 on Public Governance Reform under the Public Administration Reform and Governance Program sponsored by the Government of Denmark and the Office of the National Assembly as the coordinator for the Vietnamese side;

· The project on "Comparative Study of experience in the Governance Decentralization in the World, especially in Germany and Vietnam", implemented by the School of Law with support from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS) - the Federal Republic of Germany;

With achievements from the establishment, the School of Law directly under Vietnam National University, Hanoi has been awarded with Labor Medal III and many certificates of merit by the Party, the State and Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

In the new development phase, as one of the training institutions, the State and society pay special attention, have the incentives and expectations for a strong breakthrough in the quality of training as well as research, a large and well-qualified team of scientists, a wide working space, a dynamic and innovative working environment, the School of Law believes to successfully fulfilling its target of building and developing the Department to become a member School of Law- Vietnam National University, Hanoi, a multidisciplinary, multi-field training center toward a research university with high quality like the advanced universities in the region, approaching the world level to meet the needs of socio-economic development of the country.

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