Dean's Message
Cập nhật lúc 9:04, 29/10/2019 (GMT+7)


 Dear fellows and friends!

It is my great honor and a privilege to represent the School of Law, Vietnam National University, Hanoi and extend our warmest welcome with this message.

It is a true privilege because the School of Law’s achievements today is the accumulation of the perseverance and creativity of our staff and students in the past 40 years. 

It is a great honor because the School of Law is one of the nation’s longest-standing and most prestigious legal training and research centers that have attracted many renowned experts, scientists, and lecturers, and have nurtured high-quality, liberal, integration-oriented and dynamic generations of learners.

To continue the tradition of more than 40 years of development and live up to its reputation and acknowledgment, the School of Law identifies the following fundamental objectives and orientations: 

- Develop the School of Law to become a high-quality research-oriented University of Law meeting regional and international standards;

- Transform the School of Law into a renovative, creative, liberal, pioneering, modern, friendly, humane and dynamic working and learning environment;

 - Adopt a student-centered learning policy; ensure graduates to be socially responsible, professionally ethical, highly adaptable to modern changes and possess big vision;

 - Develop a modern and autonomous university governance with professional staffs who are willing to serve and modern facility;

-Develop the School of Law into a prestigious policy consultancy center, a reliable partner of state and local authorities, domestic and international enterprises, organizations, and individuals.

With deep pride in our achievements in the past 40 years; with the determination, solidarity and responsibility of each individual, department and the whole school; support from leaders of all levels; effective cooperation and assistance of national and international partners as well as collaborators; with the affection of alumni, students, post-graduates and most importantly with the spirit of innovation and creativity for the purpose of becoming a research-oriented Law University, a member of Viet Nam National University, Hanoi, meeting regional research standard and reaching international integration, the School of Law believes that it will live up to its glorious tradition, continue to develop extensively and achieve the identified strategic objectives.

                                                   Best regards!

Dean of School of Law

                                                         Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Que Anh


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