Department of Personnel Organization, Inspection and Legal Affairs
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1. Function

The University of Law Department of Personnel Organization, Inspection and Legal Affairs is a professional organization with the function of advising and assisting the Rector regarding inspection and legal affairs established or dissolved by a decision of the Rector. The Department of Personnel Organization, Inspection and Legal Affairs includes Head of the Unit and experts in charge of full-time and part-time inspection and legal work. The Head of the Unit is appointed and dismissed by the Rector of the University of Law. The Head of the Unit is responsible before the Rector for the University’s inspection and legal work.

2. Missions

Department of Personnel Organization, Inspection and Legal Affairs has the following duties:

- Organize the development of administrative documents on inspection, legal affairs, and build a database on the inspection and legal work of the University.

- Research, propose and apply advanced methods to improve the efficiency of inspection and legal work after receiving approval from the Rector.

- Propose plans for the recruitment, employment, management, training and development of a team of staff for inspection and legal work.

- Inspect units under the University of Law regarding the implementation of state policies and law, regulations of VNU and the University of Law, and the implementation of assigned tasks.

- Check on, urge, instruct units under the University to comply with regulations of the State and VNU on inspection and resolution of complaints and denunciation.

- Assign personnel and report to the Rector  for the issuance of a decision on the establishment of inspection teams to examine, verify and propose measures to resolve issues that are under the scope of management authority of the Rector.

- Evaluate, verify, conclude, and propose solutions to the Rector on matters related to the resolution of complaints, denunciation under the Rector’s authority.

- Evaluate and give the proposal to the Rector to suspend or annul the execution or amend of incorrect conclusions and decisions related to the management and administration of the University of Law.         

- Research and report to the Rector issues that call for revision, supplement or promulgation of new regulations to meet the practical management requirements of the University.

- Perform regular reception work for the University of Law; coordinate with relevant offices, functional centers and units in preparing the contents, documents and other conditions for reception work and carry out citizen reception work in accordance with the regulations of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

- Coordinate with the General Administration Office to monitor, examine and evaluate the implementation of the University’s plans and missions, the conclusions and orders of the University’s leaders.

- Perform other assignments in accordance with regulations on the organization and operation of the University of Law and other assignments from the Rector.


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