Department of Administration and Governance
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1. Function

The Department of Administration and Governance has the function of advising and assisting the Rector regarding management and implementation of tasks related to organization, personnel, reward and recognition; learning materials and publication administration, management, infrastructure, information technology.

2. Missions

2.1. Administrative, clerical and archival work

- In charge of developing and organizing the implementation of regulations on administrative management, clerical and archival work. Organize the computerization of the management and administration at the University. Organize training on administrative work.

- Receive and submit official letters and documents sent to the University by agencies and individuals to the Rector for the process.

- Send official letters and documents of the University to relevant agencies, units and individuals.

- Organize the management and ensure the protection of confidential documents in accordance with state regulations.

- Ensure that official documents fulfil requirements on the legal basis, form, and drafting techniques before promulgation.

- Manage and use all of the stamps of the University (except those of mass organizations and Centers under the University l) in accordance with regulations on management and use of stamps.

- Perform the attestation of documents and signatures in accordance with the regulations.

- Store records and documents according to regulations on archival records.

- Prepare and send the weekly schedule of the University’s leaders to all units.

- Issue recommendation letters, travel letters for officers who are sent on local business trips; Sign travel letters of visitors who come to the University for business as confirmation.

- Organize the printing of all official letters and documents for the common work of the University.

- Develop work programs and plans for the University’s academic year. Organize meetings for briefing, preliminary and final conferences to review the performance of the University 's common tasks.

- Develop weekly, monthly plans and the working schedule of the University’s leaders.

- Acting as secretary for the University’s meetings and briefings, in charge of drafting and issuing notices and conclusions of the Rector to the University’s units.

- Urge and monitor the implementation of work plans, concluding orders from the Rector.

- Plan, organize the reception, preparation and perform the reception work for the University’s meetings, the meetings of the University's leaders with local and international guests.

- Plan and organize the University's festivals and anniversaries.

- Organize the implementation of the University's contributions for funerals and marriages. Plan and organize visits and congratulations to agencies, units, individuals from the University and others.

- Act as the focal point to synthesize information and prepare weekly, monthly, and yearly work reports. The Department is also the focal point to prepare the annual statistical report as prescribed.

2.2. Management and infrastructure

- Develop an annual plan and estimated budget for the construction, renovation, repair and improvement of the University’s infrastructure and equipment. Ensure available facilities for the University's activities.

- Develop, implement, and supervise investment projects; and manage the repair, renovation and construction.

- Manage the use of amphitheater, meeting venues, reception rooms, University history exhibition hall.

- Manage the use of offices, classrooms, architectural works, other public works, land, properties, equipment and tools for the University’s activities.

- Manage and operate the University's cars to carry out common tasks of the University.

- Manage information platforms, means of communication, the network system.

- Plan and organize the implementation of measures to protect the order, security and safety in study and working areas. Resolve issues related to security, the protection of life, personal and collective property in areas under ​​the management of the University.

- Plan and organize the implementation of fire prevention and safety measures, flood and storm prevention and safety measures throughout the University. Plan and organize the procurement of equipment for the above measures.

- Manage and ensure the use of electricity, water and ensure cleaning and epidemic prevention work are carried out.

- Plan and implement the procurement, repair and disposal of all of the University’s furniture. Periodically track the inventory of the University’s furniture.

- Organize the implementation of environmental hygiene practices, ensure the hygiene of the workplace and study place.

- Organize the implementation of lease agreements to rent lecture halls and yards for teaching and learning activities.

- Perform reception work for meetings, conferences, working sessions of the University, which the General Administration Office is assigned as the focal point. Manage, use and decorate meeting rooms, perform reception and give guidance to guests who come to work or contact with the University.

- Manage the inventory of books and equipment for teaching and scientific research.

- Prepare annual and unscheduled statistics and reports related to administrative and management work.

- Perform other assignments related to administration and organization, infrastructure from the Rector.

2.3. Coordination with other units

- Coordinate with the Office of Legal Education and Research Management and other units in developing the human resource development plan for education activities.

- Coordinate with other units in implementing partnership development and scientific research activities; recruit local and international part-time lecturers.

- Coordinate with other units under the University to implement the administrative reform and apply suitable ISO elements to the management of the University.

- Coordinate with other units in organizing the common activities of the University.

- Coordinate with the Office of Legal Education and Research Management to arrange classrooms, create a University map for teaching and scientific research activities following the timetable.

- Coordinate with other units to plan and organize the construction, upgrade, repair, furnishing of classrooms and offices and conduct the accounting finalization.

- Coordinate with other units in procurement, final inspection and acceptance of office equipment; in the renovation, repair and construction of new buildings, in renting premises and services related to the University’s use of premises; perform the function of infrastructure management and protection.

- Coordinate with other units, following the approved procurement plan, to carry out the procurement of equipment, stationery, necessities for the University’s activities.

- Coordinate with the Office of Legal Education and Research Management to implement policies and regimes for employees, students at all academic levels.

- Coordinate with other units to monitor, examine, inspect the implementation of the University’s annual missions and plans and the concluding orders of the University’s leaders. Coordinate with relevant units to execute the inspection conclusions.

- Coordinate with other units to perform other assignments from the Rector.


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