Vietnam National University, Hanoi - School of Law (VNU-LS) conducted a training workshop on writing Self – Assessment Report on quality assurance of the Program of Bachelor in Business Law in accordance with AUN-QA standards
Cập nhật lúc 10:06, 12/06/2019 (GMT+7)

In order to implement the quality assurance program for the academic year 2018-2019 and the self-assessment for training programs according to the training program quality accreditation standards of the ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance (AUN-QA), on June 11, 2019, VNU-LS held a training workshop to revise the Self-Assessment Report on the Program of Bachelor in Business Law in accordance with AUN-QA standards.

All members of the Self-Assessment Council of VNU-LS, the Secretariat and experts who wrote self-assessment reports on the Program of Bachelor in Business Law attended this training workshop.

Trainers of this workshop were representatives from Institute for Quality Assurance (IQA), including Dr. Tran Thi Hoai - Vice Director of VNU-IQA and Dr. Mai Thi Quynh Lan - Head of Department of Quality Assurance of VNU-IQA. In addition to discussing and commenting on the Self-Assessment Reports on VNU-LS’s Program of Bachelor in Business Law, the experts from VNU-IQA also provide suggestions on revising the contents of each standard and criteria of the Self-Assessment Report for each member of the task force.

Summarizing the training workshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Hoai Thu - Head of Department of Business Law, Vice Chairwoman of the Self-Assessment Council emphasized the importance of quality assurance, quality accreditation and self-assessment of training program according to AUN-QA standards. This is the way to determine VNU-LS’s training quality in comparison to other Vietnamese universities.

After the workshop, under the guidance of the Self-Assessment Council and according to the self-assessment plan, VNU-LS’s task force began to edit the self-assessment reports, including translation into English, sending the Reports to the AUN-QA Secretariat before August 30, 2019 as planned
Xuan Giang; Source: VNU-LS Department of Quality Assurance and Accreditation
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