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During the 40 years of establishment and development, the School of Law - Vietnam National University, Hanoi is always known as one of the largest and prestigious three centers of training and research law in the country.

As the first School of Law of the country and follow that tradition, now the School of Law is trusted by the Party and State to train at three levels: bachelors, masters and law doctors. With the motto, taking research for training and every lecturer is a researcher, School of Law is always the reliable address of scientists in and outside the country to work, where many scientists and a team of leading law lecturers gather.

Over the past 40 years, with the philosophy of linking research and training, combining basic and applied research, research related to the realities and policies of the country, the School of Law has many outstanding scientific achievements, contributing to the planning and perfecting policies and Law serving the construction and defense of the country through each period of history, especially in the context of integration and development

- Regarding human resources in science and technology

At present, the School boasts a team of prestigious scientists with more than 70% of staff have a doctoral degree or higher, including 02 Professors & doctors of science; 05 Professors & doctors; 14 Associate Professors & doctors; 53 PhDs. It must be affirmed that most of the Teachers of the School are well trained in law training centers of advanced countries in the world, such as USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium ... The School has 20 young researchers who were sent to training law doctors in the training institutions in and outside the country to develop high quality human resources to serve Orientation for development School of Law University orientation research members Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

In addition to Teachers, the School also receives the close collaboration of 180 teachers, scientists and staff working in the field of research and practice with doctoral degrees, associate professors, professors working at training institutions, research institutes, legislative, judicial and executive bodies at home and abroad.

Besides the attention of the Party and the State, as the leading legal training and research center in the country, scientific research activities of the School also have great response and support from the team. international organizations, regional cooperation organizations, non-governmental organizations and advanced countries around the world, such as the United Nations Funds, the ASEAN Regional Funds, the Danish Government, the Government of Norway, the Government of the Republic of France

- Regarding the implementation of research programs, themes and projects

The School of Law's scientific research has made significant progress over the past 40 years. Since 2000, Teachers have successfully researched and successfully defended 05 State-level themes and projects and 03 research topics of the Asian Research Support Center (ARC), 78 research topics at Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 04 topics in Hanoi; 28 projects under the Danish project, 65 subjects at the grassroots level; 23 books, 38 reference books, 86 monographs and thousands of high-quality articles in domestic legal journals and dozens of articles in well-known magazines abroad.

- Regarding the organization of conferences, seminars and scientific conferences

School of Law is known as a center of scientific research with prestige, high academic. Every year, on average, the School cooperates with domestic and international agencies and organizations to hold dozens of conferences, seminars and scientific conferences attracting a large number of researchers, lecturers, Participants come from training institutions, law studies, sociology, political science, management science, police science, security science at home and abroad. Each year, the School organizes at least one international scientific conference and conference with the participation of scientists from countries and territories cooperating with the School such as France, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Japan, China ... The conferences, seminars, scientific conferences organized by the School of Law are always appreciated by academic, open and quality.

- Regarding the publication and publication of scientific and technological publications

Since 2000, teachers and officers have published 150 books in the form of monographs, reference books, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Each year, the Teachers and lecturers of the School publish more than 100 articles in domestic and foreign scientific journals.

- Regarding student research activities

It is a legal training center of the University of Hanoi and now the National University of Hanoi. With the orientation of building a Law-oriented University of Law, the School always determines the importance of building the academic environment and encourages student research activities. Every year, on average, about 30 to 50 scientific research topics are attracted by more than 100 students and trainees. Each year, the School organizes two levels of student research conferences at Department level and Division level so that students can participate in scientific research passion.

In addition to student research conferences, the School also supports the legal expertise contests, such as: "Innolaw", "Spirit of Law" or specialized scientific seminars. Student clubs organized. These are useful activities to stimulate passion for studying law and developing the academic environment in students and students.

The achievement is very proud, contributing to affirm the brand, the 40-year tradition of the School and is the foundation, the driving force to build and develop the School of Law becomes the leading research – oriented School of Law-of Vietnam National University, Hanoi in the national and regional level, in accordance with the standards of advanced universities in the world.

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