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Deemed as a prestigious legal research center of the country, over the years, the School of Law has pioneered in liberal legal research initiatives.

Every year, on average, the School of Law organizes from 25 to 35 seminars, conferences, and discussions at the unit level, department level, a national and international level that welcome many well-known experts and scientists from Vietnam and other countries to attend and discuss. These events include seminars on Initiating the Amendment Drafting of the 1992 Constitution which made an important contribution to the legislation of the 2013 Constitution; international scientific conference with the theme on "Laws in a Changing World"; scientific conference on "Developmental state: Theoretical and practical issues around the world and in Vietnam"; scientific workshop: "Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the necessity for Vietnam legal reform"; international scientific conference: "Improving private law in a digital age: Lessons from Germany and Vietnam", international scientific conference “Recent developments in the International Law of the Sea: International and Vietnamese perspectives", etc.

School’s officials and lecturers have successfully implemented and are carrying out scientific research at all levels, namely the state-level scientific project "The mechanism of State’s power following the Constitution amendment to meet the requirements of building and improving the law-governed State of Vietnam"; Ministry-level project: “Finding legal solutions to protect Vietnam's sovereignty in the East Sea”; Vietnam National University, Hanoi’s project: “Synchronizing private law in Vietnam”; "Vietnam National University, Hanoi’s project" Vietnam's criminal law in the face of non-traditional security challenges "or the influential ministry-level science and technology project such as" Intensive training on the topic of intellectual property in Northern and Central Vietnam” under the the Ministry of Science and Technology’ s Program of Supporting Intellectual Property Development, etc. The outcomes of the research are socially valuable and impactful.

The School has published hundreds of textbooks, monographs, reference books and thousands of scientific articles in domestic and foreign scientific journals.

In addition, scientific research activities for students are also encouraged, many of which have won scientific research awards of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, the Ministry of Education and Training and other prestigious awards.


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