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Why do you choose the VNU University of Law? Our policy on tuition fees and scholarship

1. Students of the University of Law are offered various learning programs, workshops, domestic and international exchange programs

§     Various learning programs, workshops, domestic and international exchange programs with domestic and international institutions partnering with the University of Law.

§     Opportunities to get a job while learning through field trips and internships at enterprises, State management agencies, international organizations.

§     Teaching staff as leading professors & scholarsand other visiting lectures (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, managers, entrepreneurs) with high qualifications and rich practical experiences.

§     Modern, international, multi-culture, friendly learning environment.

§     Dynamic activities of Youth and Students' Unions.

2. Our policy on tuition fees and scholarship

§     Tuition fees is on the same level for all VNU international students (100 USD per month) but out training quality and learner-services are advanced!

§     Opportunities to receive various scholarships with abundant fund mobilized from partners of the University such as law-firms, international organizations, banks and enterprises.

How to apply to the VNU University of Law

1. Who can apply:

Foreigners who are admitted to study at the VNU – University of Law, referred to as international students, including:

a.             Agreement students: international students who fall within the framework of agreements signed between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and foreign countries, territories, organizations and are granted scholarships by Vietnamese Government.

b.             Scholarship students: international students who receive scholarships for studying in Vietnam from individuals and organizations.

c.             Self-funded students: are international students who get admitted to study in Vietnam following agreements or training contracts between members of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) and foreign individuals, organizations, Vietnamese residing abroad without using scholarships as agreement and scholarship students.

2. Requirements for qualification:

       a. Having sufficient capability and qualifications for studying:

§     Having graduated from high school or equivalent;

§     Regarding international students transferred to VNU following exchange programs signed between VNU and foreign training institutions, admission and arrangement will follow mutual agreements between two sides.

       b. Vietnamese language requirements

Applicants need to meet one of the following requirements:

§     Having Vietnamese Proficiency Certificates equivalent to level 4/6 of Vietnamese Language Proficiency Framework for foreigners issued by VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities or other training institutions credited by the Ministry of Education and Training.

§     Having bachelor degrees of Vietnamese Language in foreign countries.

§     Having degrees which are studied in Vietnamese.

§     Having certificate of completion on preparatory Vietnamese language course held by VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities or other training institutions credited by the Ministry of Education and Training.

§     International students with no proof of Vietnamese Proficiency have to take the Vietnamese language exam before admission. The exam will be held by VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

       c. Being physically fit for study and research, certified by competent health authorities.

       d. Demonstrating financial sufficiency for study, research and living expenditure.

3. Application documents:

a.             Application form.

b.             Copies and translation of degrees, diplomas and academic transcripts applicable for relevant levels of proposed study, duly notarized or certified by competent authorities of the sending country.

c.             Medical examination certificate issued within 6 months from the date of application by competent health authorities of the sending country or by Vietnamese central, municipal or provincial medical bodies, clearly stating that the applicant is healthy and fit for overseas study.

d.             Duly certified copies of Vietnamese Proficiency Certificates or internationally recognized certificate of the foreign language to be used for study in Vietnam (if any).

e.             Copies of financial guarantee to support study, research and living in Vietnam.

f.              Duly certified copies of documents and certificates about the applicant’s aptitude, expertise, research achievements etc. (if any).

g.             Copy of passport with a validity of the expected duration of study in Vietnam.

4. Regular admission:

       a. Time:

§     Application receipt: from 1st July to 1st August annually.

§     Interview: August.

§     Admission: 5th September.

    b. Location: Department of Education and Political Affairs of Student, VNU – University of Law

 (Room 307B, E1 Building, 144 Xuan Thuy Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi).

5. Contact:

 (Tel: (84.24) 3754.9714)



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