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The VNU University of Law is a gathering place of renowned experts and scholars of the country.We perform the task of giving advice and opinions on policies and laws, providing theoretical foundationsand forecasts for building and improving institutions, policies, and laws, contributing to solving contemporary issues and serving the country's development in the new context such as issues of building and improving the socialist rule of law state; improving the institution and legal environment for the development of a socialist-oriented market economy; national sovereignty and security; non-traditional security issues; the fourth industrial revolution’s impact on law and human rights issues; law and sustainable development.

Every year, the University of Law organizes 30 to 40 national and international seminars, conferences, and workshops at different levels to meet the practical requirements of life and the new development context of the country with many urgent topics in the field of law, interdisciplinary jurisprudence with other sciences. Dozens of monographs, reference books, and textbooks are published each year and hundreds of works are published in prestigious domestic and foreign journals and with reputable publishers.

The VNU University of Law participates in organizing many forums and conferences at regional and international levels with hundreds of scholars from various countries and territories. The University of Law has founded and developed the annual Vietnam Autumn Law Forum (VALF) to become the first and one of the most prestigious Law Forums in Vietnam. In the first two years, the Forum attracted thousands of attendees and hundreds of well-known domestic and international experts to contribute their papers and engage in discussion at thematic sessions and seminars within the framework of the Forum. In addition, the University also initiated and developed a series of online seminars called "Legal Talk" – a monthly open dialogue forum to discuss cutting-edge issues in theory and practice.

With the development direction as a research-oriented university, the University focuses on developing its own distinct schools of legal science on the basis of developing strong research groups/centers at the University and VNU-level to create research and consulting outcomes of high quality, serving the development of the country in the new period.


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