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School of Law - Vietnam National University, Hanoi always affirms that international cooperation and cooperation in the country is the main driving force to create a breakthrough in the development of resources to serve the development of the School of Law becomes a Center for Law Research according to national standards.

International cooperation is performed in various forms, with many cooperation programs on training and research, showing strengths and potential cooperation of the School of Law. The School of Law always strives to prioritize the development of long-term and reliable cooperation with prestigious universities and scientific and educational institutions in the world by linking international training programs and graduate programs, international seminars, exchange of students, lecturers and staff, etc.

In the period of renewal, international integration, cooperation in training and scientific research of the School is also expanding, reaching out to the world. At present, School of Law has cooperated with many research institutes, domestic universities and dozens of foreign partners such as China, Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia , The Netherlands ... In particular, the School of Law has cooperated with universities in France, University of Social Sciences Toulouse I, Jean-Moulin University Lyon III, University of Montesquieu Bordeaux IV courses 40-50 students each, and 30-40 students are taught in French, taught by French and French lecturers and awarded by the French University. Since 2004, the School of Law has cooperated with Japan's JICA in training the Vietnamese-Japanese law bachelor program (each course consists of 15-20 students) taught by Vietnamese and Japanese lecturers. Since 2006, the School of Law has partnered with French universities to organize doctoral and law degree courses.

School of Law has a close and reliable cooperation with many foreign training and research institutions, which is a good opportunity and conditions for Teachers and students to exchange science and training cadres, students. Currently, the School of Law has implemented many international cooperation programs and projects and cooperative training activities.

1. Regarding the implementation of cooperation programs, schemes and projects on international cooperation

From 2007 up to now, School of Law has many effectively international cooperation activities on scientific research, including the Danish-Vietnamese Program for Public Administration Reform and Management (2007-2011), the Partnership Program with the Norwegian Human Rights Center, the Partnership Program with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Germany, American Association of Lawyers (ABA) ... In cooperative activities, many scientific research activities and scientific seminars have brought many benefits to the School of Law. The results of scientific research have contributed to improving the capacity of the School. At the same time, many quality studies have contributed to improving the knowledge and awareness of students and readers. Many conferences and seminars are also important in sharing information and views, initially leading to recommendations on solutions to many issues related to the improvement of the national legal framework, To organize and raise the efficiency of the operation of the State apparatus of Vietnam.

In the Vietnam - Denmark Public Administration Reform and Governance (2007 - 2011) Program, 16 human rights research projects on human rights provisions have been implemented in the history of Vietnam and the world. Specifically, during the period ò 2008-2009, there were 9 projects implemented. Between 2010 and 2011, seven more human rights research projects will be launched. A number of other international cooperation projects have also supported the School of Law to conduct research on subjects. The project with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Germany) has supported the organization of research, analysis and comparison of experience in decentralization in the world, especially in Germany and draw lessons for Vietnam. The results of the project have been published in two books: State decentralization, People's Public Security Publishing House, 2011 and decentralization of state management in Vietnam status and prospects, People's Public Security Publishing House, 2011. The project with the American Bar Association (ABA) aims to strengthen the capacity of Vietnamese lawyers to protect vulnerable groups. After organizing the workshop, the documents were compiled into a book: Prevention for vulnerable groups in criminal proceedings. To contribute to the development of the Law on Access to Information in Vietnam, the project with the Embassy of Canada published a book entitled Information Access: Law and Practice in the World and in Vietnam.

There are also other projects such as:

- A joint project with the French-speaking Community (AUF) in the Master's Program in International Cooperation Law (the participating French partners are: University of Toulouse, University of Lyon III , University of Bordeaux IV);

- Doctoral degree in Law within the framework of the French University Center project in Hanoi (the French partners are: University of Toulouse, University of Lyon III, University of Bordeaux IV);

- Viet Nam – Japan Law Bachelor training project with financial support to teach Japanese law subjects from JICA and Japan Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO);

- The human rights research project under Component 3 on Public Governance Reform under the Public Administration Reform and Governance Program sponsored by the Government of Denmark and the Office of the National Assembly as the focal point for the Vietnamese side;

- The project "Comparative study of experiences in decentralization of state management in the world, especially in Germany and Vietnam", implemented by the School of Law with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS) - the Federal Republic of Germany;

2. Regarding training cooperation activities

a. Regarding graduate training:

- To cooperate with AUF on French language training for university students. This program was conducted from 1994 to 2013. During this time, AUF financed the School of Law with over 1000 titles and over 200 specialist journals.

- Vietnam- Japan Law Bachelor Training Program, combined with the JICA Office of Japan in Vietnam, has been implemented since 2004 and now it enrolls 5 courses with a total of 78 students.

b. Regarding post graduate program:

Cooperation Program between the School of Law and the University of Southern France (AUF) and three universities of the French Republic (University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, Jean Moulin Lyon III and Montesquieu Bordeaux IV) Master of Law "International Economic and Business Cooperation" in French. Each year the program enrolls between 15 and 30 students. The students are from different nations in the region and in the world such as Laos, Cambodia, France, Italy, Vietnam, Congo…There are 243 trainees who have graduated and issued with degrees by the universities in France.

- The Master of Law in Human Rights course has been implemented since 2011 under the agreement signed on December 16, 2010 between the Norway Human Rights Center, the School of Law of the University of Oslo and the School of Law, National University Hanoi. Participants in this training course are fully funded by the project for tuition fees and curricula, international standards and a private library. The first course (2011 - 2013) has recruited 39 students. The second course (2012 - 2014) has recruited 40 students.  

3. Regarding the sending of cadres and lecturers on working missions, short-term and long-term training abroad, sending students to study abroad

In addition to joint training activities between the School of Law and foreign partners, the School strives to promote academic exchanges, exchange of lecturers and students, visiting activities, scientific research ... such as:

- Cooperation program with the University of Libre-Bruxelles (Belgium) and the French-speaking Belgian Community in Hanoi (APEFE) since 1995 on exchange of lecturers and scholarships for Vietnamese teachers and students to study and study in Belgium;

- Academic exchange program, exchange of lecturers and students with School of Law and Political Science, Lao National University from 2010 to present;

- Cooperation program with the Institute of Graduate Studies in Law - Inha University, Korea on cooperation in expanding research and training exchange from 2007 to present;

- Cooperation with the Fulbright School on Scholarly Exchange.

From 2007 up to now, School of Law has sent 278 turns of cadres, students to work, study, visit survey, practice abroad,…

4. Welcoming foreign professors and experts to teach, study, exchange and receive foreign students studying at the School of Law

Under the agreement of the international cooperation programs, the joint training and academic exchanges mentioned above, in the period from 2007 to December 2012, School of Law has procedures for entry visa for 101 spear Professors and foreign experts visit, work, teach, attend seminars, talk to School, teachers and students of the School and 196 students from many countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Korea, China, France, Cameroon, Central Africa ... to attend School, (see attached appendix).

5. Organizing international conferences and seminars

Many conferences and scientific seminars have also been organized within the framework of international cooperation at the School of Law. The topics of the workshops cover many areas of national and international law, creating a useful forum for School and students in the School, as well as Vietnamese and foreign lawyers. Among the activities of the Vietnam - Denmark Program, 11 human rights seminars were organized. In other international cooperation projects, many seminars and conferences have also been organized. The workshop on decentralization of state management (Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc, 2011) was held with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Federal Republic of Germany). In cooperation with Inha University (Korea), organized a workshop on law on shipping and the Constitution was held (Hanoi, 2011). To cooperate with FORUM-ASIA to organize Human Rights Training for 4th year students (October, 2011). In partnership with the American Bar Association (ABA), School of Law organized training on excuses for vulnerable groups in criminal proceedings (May 18th& 19th 2011).

6. Assessing the impact and effectiveness of international cooperation

- International cooperation activities in recent years have contributed to improve the professional and professional capacity of the management team, lecturers and affirm the position, role and prestige of the School of Law in the country and the world

- Many conferences and seminars are also important in sharing information, views, recommendations and solutions to many issues related to the completion of the national legal framework, organization and lifting high performance of the state apparatus of Vietnam. The theme of the workshops is diverse, involving many areas of national and international law, creating a useful forum for School and students in the School, as well as Vietnamese and foreign lawyers.

- School of Law maintains joint programs of training in a sustainable and traditional way. The School has the earliest French-language law training program in Vietnam (for undergraduate programs), and in the Asia-Pacific region (for graduate programs). To have strong collaborative relationships with many major universities in the French community, interrelated training programs: this program will provide the source of the other program.

- The masters programs attract many participants because of the updated, attractive training programs and reasonable treatment.

- Facilities for international quality training programs. Separate classrooms are equipped with necessary equipment to provide good learning and research conditions for students; Private libraries are built under the project to ensure the number of books, magazines and documents for learners.

- International training programs and academic exchanges have brought some results in enhancing the training, scientific research, quality assurance in training, strengthening of facilities, substances, equipment and databases.

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