Closing the second Autumn Law School Forum “Vietnamese Law: Integration and Development”
Cập nhật lúc 10:00, 29/10/2022 (GMT+7)

On the afternoon of October 29, 2022, the 2nd Autumn Law School Forum (VALF 2nd) with the theme "Vietnamese Law - Integration and Development" officially closed after 03 days. The Vietnam Autumn Law Forum is an annual event founded and organized by the University of Law, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) since 2021.

This year, the Forum took place with 08 seminars and attracted the attention and participation of more than 2000 delegates.

The young scholar workshop "Vietnam's legal integration process since Doi moi until now" is the opening event of the Forum. The conference attracted a large number of young scholars who are students and young researchers. The main content of the workshop was dialogue and exchange of scientific research experiences between young scholars and lecturers of the VNU University of Law.


The international conference "Legal Cooperation, Harmonization, and Unification: An ASEAN Perspective" was organized by 05 units. The workshop created an attractive forum to share views on important issues of ASEAN towards a common community of harmony, cooperation, and development.


Taking place in parallel with the International Conference are 02 seminars on "Principles of criminal procedure law in Vietnam: The process of acclimatization and improvement" and the Workshop "Improving business law in the context of implementing new-generation free trade agreements”. The two seminars provided the participants with extremely valuable opinions and analyses to help provide valid theoretical and practical bases for the construction and improvement of Business law and Criminal law in Vietnam in the new context.

The seminar "Equality before the law in the Rule of Law State" and the Workshop "Modern Human Rights Issues" were attended by a large number of leading experts in Vietnamese jurisprudence, therefore, the reports and articles presented at the two seminars provided many practical and theoretical meanings.

The 2nd Autumn Law School Forum is also an affirmation that the University of Law, a member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) is a public higher education institution organized and operated according to the model of a research-oriented university with the mission of training high-quality human resource in the legal field and conduct high-quality research.

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