Assessment of the Master Program in human rights laws according to AUN standards
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On November 21, 2017, Vietnam National University, Hanoi – School of Law (VNU-LS) officially held an opening ceremony of the 95th AUN-QA assessment of the Master program in human rights laws  in accordance with AUN standards.


Attending the opening ceremony, on the side of the assessors’ delegation were Prof. Dr. Suzeini Bunti Abd Halim - Head of the delegation, Prof. Dr. Yu Un Oppusunggu - Member, Ms. Piyapat Kultanan – Secretary of the delegation; on the side of VNU-LS were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Que Anh – Acting Dean of VNU-LS, Dr. Trinh Tien Viet - Vice Dean, Dr. Nguyen Trong Diep - Vice Dean and VNU-LS’s Head of Departments.


Opening remarks, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Que Anh said that under VNU’s orientation VNU-LS always focuses on ensuring the quality of education and training at all levels, assessing and controlling quality of training programs. Especially, in 2016, the Program of Bachelor in Law was evaluated and up to now, this is the only law training program in Vietnam evaluated and presented certificate by AUN-QA. VNU-LS in particular and VNU in general always highly appreciate the criteria set by AUN - QA standards. These criteria helps VNU-LS recognizing strengths and weakness to improve training quality itself. Under VNU’s goal to 2020 that all VNU’s training programs will be accredited by internal and external standards, it is an honor to VNU-LS to take part in the 95th assessment for Master Program of Human Rights Laws.

So that the assessors can better understand this master program, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Cong Giao gave some basic introduction about the program and the results gained in recent years. This research-oriented master program is built to train experts with basic, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical issues on human rights at national, regional and international levels. Students have to gain 47 credits during the training program. After graduation, they can work as researchers, consultants, managers at state agencies, social organizations, especially agencies and organizations relating to human rights protection and promotion. They can also teach and research at training institutions, academies, scientific center for or relating to human rights laws.


Prof. Dr. Suzeini Bunti Abd Halim not only emphasized the role of training program evaluation, but also appreciated VNU-LS’s active implementation of evaluation activities to improve training quality according to regional standards. In particular, Prof. Dr. Suzeini Bunti Abd Halim is also pleased to know that VNU-LS had Program of Bachelor in Law evaluated. She do hope that VNU-LS will actively help assessors understand more about this master program.

At the end of the opening session, the evaluation delegation will conduct 06 group interviews relating to the master program on Human Rights and a survey of program’s facilities during the time of 03 days from November 21 - 23, 2017.

At the closing session on November 23, 2017, after several evaluating activities, assessors gave the final results basing on evaluating 11 criteria, including: Output standards; Description of the training program; Program structure and content; Teaching and learning methods; Program evaluation from the learner side; Quality of teaching staff; Quality of administrative staff; Student quality; Material facilities and infrastructure; Quality improvement; Job. 

Accordingly, assessors made positive comments for the master program such as: The program clearly identified needs and feedbacks from stakeholders in developing output standards; The program has had a positive impact on policies and contributed to the development of Vietnam's human rights education policy; The learning method applied to the program is open, encouraging learners to think independently and have multi-dimensional interactions that help learners to be active and able to bring their knowledge into practice. In addition, supporting learning materials were also highly appreciated by the assessors in both quantity and quality. Besides, the evaluation team also noted that the program should enhance skills for learners and encourage the development of digital learning resources.

It can be seen that VNU-LS got positive feedback from the Assessment Council for the master program as a pioneering training program for human rights and VNU-LS will receive good results from the Council soon.

Minh Giang
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